ATM / Debit Cards

Flexible Access To Your Money...

With a Sterling Bank ATM/Debit Card, you can access money from your checking or savings account (if tied to that account) to make purchases or ATM cash withdrawals. Sterling Bank offers ATM services 24-hours a day at each of our bank locations. For a complete list of Sterling Bank ATM locations click here.

ATM card use is available worldwide; point-of-sale transactions are restricted to transactions originated within the United States.

To report your card lost or stolen, please contact Sterling Bank immediately at 715-924-4817.  However, after normal banking hours you should call our debit card processor at 800-535-8440.

Fraud Protection: When unusual transactions are detected or there is an attempt to use your debit card at a known fraudulent site, Sterling Bank’s debit card processor will call you at the phone number Sterling Bank has on file as your contact number.  Failure to accept the call will result in a message to which you will need to respond (you should reply as soon as possible) or your card may be blocked from further use.  Also, if you detect or suspect fraudulent use of your debit card, you should contact your local branch immediately during normal banking hours or after hours call Fraud Protection at 888-233-7336.  

Finally, it is recommended that customers register at for Debit Card Alert Services which will provide text/email notifications of specified debit card activity. If you have any questions or need assistance on this process, please call your local branch.


Due to increased fraudulent debit card activity, Sterling Bank currently restricts all signature based debit card transactions with entities located in the states of Michigan and Illinois.  This only affects transactions that utilize the debit card’s magnetic strip to complete signature transactions (Credit Option – PIN not used) with merchants located in those states.  Any such activity will block your card (or a fraudulently created card using the same card number) from further transactions.  You will then need to contact the bank to verify any questionable transactions and authorize your card’s reactivation. 

To prevent your card’s deactivation, when completing transactions in Michigan, New York or Illinois you will need to use your PIN number (select Debit not Credit) or complete an EMV chip authorized transaction by using your card at a chip-reading terminal.  These restrictions do not affect any online (internet) transactions at this time.

Please contact the bank if you are planning any travel activities within a restricted state.  We can temporarily allow unrestricted card access within the state.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at (800) 924-4817.

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